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Working with partners and stakeholders locally and nationally, VAHHS supports and contributes to policies that meet the association’s core principles of making health care more affordable, maintaining high quality care, providing universal access, and preserving the individual’s ability to choose their doctor and hospital.

Advocacy: VAHHS represents its member hospitals at the state and federal level with advocacy that ensures Vermont’s not-for-profit hospitals can continue to provide the very best care, while advancing important reforms to bring down costs for patients and strengthen our local economy.

VAHHS uses the following principles to direct all advocacy efforts:

Policy Development: For decades, VAHHS has been a leader in the advancement of health care reforms that improve the lives of Vermonters by increasing access to care, supporting initiatives that broaden coverage for Vermonters, and reducing the number of uninsured with programs like Dr. Dynasaur, Catamount Health and The Vermont Blueprint for Health and VITL. Additionally, VAHHS has been at the forefront of policies to support our toughest community challenges such as addiction and mental health treatment.

Health Care Reform: Vermont has a proud history of leading on health care reform and VAHHS has been a strong advocate for efforts to reduce costs for patients and the overall burden on our economy while transforming our system to prioritize quality of care over quantity of care. Vermont recently reached an agreement with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to move away from a fee-for-service health care payment structure to what is known as the All-payer Model. VAHHS supports this evolution in health care and is optimistic about its potential. At the same time, hospitals have important questions that will need to be answered as this work continues. The status quo is not sustainable – we must align health care delivery with payment systems that keep Vermonters healthy and reduce the rate of cost growth. Over the next several years, VAHHS and other stakeholders, along with our elected officials will work together advance this reform effort.